Designer Spotlight: CurleeBikini

In a technology-driven society we’re used to going on and customizing our newest electronic accessory so that it’s complete to fit our wants and needs.  We are not, on the other hand, used to doing this same process when shopping for new swimwear.  CurleeBikini offers just that, a custom-fit, handmade-to-order swimsuit aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing waste.  This eco-friendly line is a refreshing way to help the environment while being fashionable.  With styles that resemble something you would pick up at American Apparel, the swimwear is definitely a look worth purchasing before your beach trip this summer.

On top of being trendy, the idea behind the environmentally friendly pieces is intriguing.  There is no manufacturer involved in production, simply the materials needed and the person making it.  This process eliminates the copious amount of wasted materials that come from creating similar products.  Another added bonus is that CurleeBikini will adjust and repair any of their swimsuits within its one-year warranty for free.  After a year customers are encouraged to ship their old swimsuit back and receive a 20% off coupon for a new one.  CurleeBikini strives to create what they call “Mother Nature Mindful” products and we’re not complaining!  You’ll not only feel great about your body in these suits, but you’ll also feel great about yourself knowing that you’re helping planet Earth.

Written By: Jen McNeil

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