Designer Spotlight: Lulus. Vegan. Leather. Fashion.

Vegan leather is something a lot of people look for in shoes or bags. Vegan leather is completely animal and cruelty free. Vegan leather does not mean that you are being eco friendly.  It does however mean that no animals were harmed in the making of your product.  Many people who switch to a vegan lifestyle with their food choices will also look to incorporating vegan leather in their wardrobes.  I think most of us can feel just as good about a decision to purchase vegan leather as an eco friendly product. is a great site to go to for fashionable yet affordable vegan leather purses and shoes.  My favorite bag is a light blue and tan vegan leather purse from Lulus. Having used this bag for two years now I can also say that their quality is very high. Lulus is a site, which sells items from other designers and companies. They have a great selection of vegan leather products on their site.

These bags and shoes are very trendy and the styles on the site are updated daily.  Since the bags are coming from different companies and being sold on this site there is a great variety in style and design to choose from.  There are also a few vegan leather-clothing options on this site such as leggings and a jacket.  They do have a shoe selection as well.  Although their shoe selection is not as large as their purses they still have a great variety to choose from.  I have a wish list forming!

If you are someone who is currently embracing the vegan lifestyle or just loves fashion in general, Lulus is a great site to save to your favorites.  These quality, trendy, and affordable pieces will keep you stylish all while still having a little extra cash in your pocket for that great spring dress you’ve had your eye on!

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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