Monochromatic Musts

Color here, color there, color everywhere!  One trend for this spring is the monochromatic look.  Branching off of the bright colorful jeans and blazer look, monochromatic outfits have made their stamp on the season and can be surprisingly easy to wear and fashionable.

One way to achieve this look is to choose a color, say pink, and wear a darker pink bottom with a little bit lighter of a pink top.  This will help to break up the color a little bit while still maintaining the trend.  This look can be achieved with skirts, pants, shorts, or dresses.  If you go for this trend with a dress, adding a jacket or blazer in the same color scheme will work well.  Also, wearing the same exact color is accepted as well.  There is no rule for monochromic looks.  Many of us achieve this look on days when were feeling not so slender with black on black.

A great way to achieve this look in the working world and made a style statement, is to go for color in your suits.  Choosing a bright color for your pants or skirt while adding the same color to the blazer is very on trend.  Two popular colors of the season are white on white suits and also brighter pinks.  If you are going to go bold with these statements in the office, choose some more neutral accessories such as tan pumps or a neutral colored bag.  Make sure not to wear too much jewelry or a statement piece with this look because you’re already making enough of a statement with color!

Bright colors are a great way to stand out this spring and summer season.  Pulling off a full look of a bright color may seem intimidating, but done right can be very fashionable.  Just remember to keep the accessories to a minimum and in more neutral colors.  Whether you go for this look in your work wear with a suit, or a more casual look with a dress and jacket or pants and top, don’t be afraid to just wear the color and love your trendy monochromatic look!

Written by: Caitlin Bombaski

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