The Trendy Trench

Trench coats are a classic piece that every woman (and man) should have as a part of their wardrobe. Trench coats have been a wardrobe essential for years.  Burberry has made them an iconic piece for their brand reinventing the item year after year. This piece is so essential to everyone’s wardrobe because no matter your age you can wear a trench and they can be dressed up for a night on the town or dressed down and casually worn while running errands. This piece is not just for those grey rainy days either!

Over the years, the trench has remained basically the same.  However, there have been several ways that allow us to modernize the trench.  One way is with color. This trend in the trench is becoming more and more popular especially this season because color is such a huge trend.  Bright pinks, greens, and purples are often seen and many designers are embracing their trench coats in these colors.

Another way to modernize the trench that I have been seeing recently is to wear one without sleeves, almost as a vest. This incorporates the layering trend and allows for some more creativity with your look.  I have also been seeing a lot of trench coats with leather detailing. This is probably my favorite of the ways to make your trench trendy. The leather is generally around the sleeve or down the front by the buttons.  This adds a subtle detail to the classic piece while without a doubt modernizing it.

The trench is so functional and can be worn in so many different ways. Whether young or old, they will still be age appropriate and look good.  The modern twists allow for them to become for trendy for the fashionista out there or kept classic for more everyday wear around town.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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