Designer Spotlight: Linda Loudermilk’s Eco-Friendly Movement

Eco-friendly sustainable fashions are a topic that many designers are leaning towards.  Being environmentally friendly is a movement that many people are embracing currently.  If we can be kinder to our planet and cause less damage to the environment around us then we should do everything we can for that to happen including our clothing.  There are many designers who are creating full lines of eco friendly clothing and Linda Loudermilk is one of those designers.

Her designs are made from bamboo, sea cell, soya, sasawashi, and other plant related materials.  Her collections all consist of flowy light pieces that are very unique.  I have never seen designs that look like hers or elements similar to her designs.  These unique designs are what help her to become so well known.  The fact that she uses plant-based materials to create her designs, which plays a large part in the sustainability of her clothing, is an added bonus!

Loudermilk also has other collections such as denim, t-shirts, jewelry, and couture.  My favorite of her collections would be her couture collection.  This collection has a slight dark side and incorporates a lot of black leather looking pieces and pieces with a cape feel to them.

Loudermilk also likes to give back to the people of the world.  She believes that water, while it is no longer a resource in endless supply, should be available to all people of the world.  She believes water is our right.  She offers t-shirts, jewelry, and scarves in which 17% of proceeds are donated to clean drinking water initiatives for people around the world.

Loudermilk’s efforts to help the world and become more eco-friendly and sustainable should inspire people to move towards this lifestyle.  No matter how small your efforts are to become more sustainable, even if it is wearing eco-friendly clothing, will help the environment around you.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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