Inspired By… Kristen Stewart

What possessed Glamour UK readers to name Kristen Stewart, once known for her poor fashion choices, the Best Dressed Woman of 2012?  Her laidback, but rocker-chick wardrobe and shoes to die for.

Kristen has definitely come into her own with her fashion choices since she became super popular due to the Twilight films.  It’s actually been kind of exciting to see her go from “that girl who wore dirty sneakers and ill-fitting dresses” into the “polished, but still her” girl she’s become today.

And while Kristen can afford to wear designer Louboutin shoes and Valentino dresses, it’s still possible to dress like her on a smaller budget!

Here’s Kristen at Paul McCartney’s video premiere for “My Valentine” on April 13.  You can easily adapt this outfit into your everyday life!

This day look is practically a replica of Kristen’s outfit, but a little bit more polished.  The skirt I’ve chosen won’t be so loose, and it’s definitely a cute outfit you can wear to class.

Day Look - Kristen Stewart

As a night look, I think you should vamp it up!  Keeping with the same color schemes, opt for a pleather jacket over a blazer.  Choose a tight mini skirt and pair it with a white bustier crop top.  As for the shoes, choose a peep toe platform heel, it’ll help make your legs look longer!

Night Look - Kristen Stewart

At the 2011 Comic-Con Convention, Kristen went for a super casual look.  It’s one that is great for just hanging out with friends or going to class.

While Kristen wore a sheer top that exposed her bra, if you’re not comfortable with showing that much skin, wear a black tank top underneath a white sheer top.  It’ll still look really cute.  What I most like about this outfit is actually Kristen’s jeans.  I really like the skinny cuffed jean look, and to top them off, throw on some Converse shoes to get that especially Kristen appeal.

Casual Look - Kristen Stewart


One of my favorite Kristen looks was her white and black Guishem dress at the Scream Awards.  This specific dress type is perfect for a dinner date.

Kristen loves her one shoulder dresses, so definitely incorporate that into your wardrobe if you love her style.  This one shoulder white and black dress is perfect for going to dinner, and then heading out to the club afterwards.  Throw on some tights and a cropped black blazer to make the outfit a little bit fancier.  A sequined peep toe heel will let them shine against the black tights, and as for jewelry, only invest in a pair of silver earrings.  I choose the bird earrings because I thought they were really cute, but you can obviously choose anything.

Dinner Outfit - Kristen Stewart


I personally think these outfits definitely look and feel inspired by Kristen.  But do you think these outfits emulate the style of Kristen?  Which celebrity’s styles are you most influenced by?  And which celebrity’s style would you like to see next on this “Inspired By…” post?  Tweet us your thoughts @TheFashionFoot

Written By: Joanelle Navarro

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