Designer Spotlight: 100% NY, 100% Sustainable

100% NY is a clothing company whose unique designs are created for the fashion forward woman who is concerned with the sustainability of the clothing and companies she purchases from.  They aim to use the least amount of fabric waste that is possible per garment, use organic materials, and overall promote a greener lifestyle for the fashion conscious.

100% NY’s spring summer collection is what originally caught my eye with the company.  They use a series of semi neutral colors throughout the entire collection.  They combine navy blue, coral, periwinkle, grey, and tan to create their entire collection.  They have a good mix of tops, pants, dresses, and cardigans available in this collection.  What I like about the clothing is that each piece has some unique detailing to it, which makes it stand out against other clothing.

My favorite piece from the collection is a periwinkle dress with a skinny black sash, exposed back zipper, and peplum style skirt in the back.  This was the first piece that I saw from the collection that stuck out and drew my interest in this company.  I really like the small detailing in each piece that creates more interest.

This company strives to provide fashionable pieces while drawing awareness to green living and reducing fabric waste to help improve our environment.  Fashion is a small way to begin helping the environment, but every little bit helps and why not do it through fashion!

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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