Designer Spotlight: Feral Childe

Feral Childe is an interesting clothing line which I recently discovered which keeps sustainability high on their list of priorities.  Their clothing is all made in New York City as well, which helps to boost the local economy and cut down on the footprint of the company.  Feral Childe is still a fairly new company but is creating some buzz among the fashion industry due to their unique designs and efforts to maintain a sustainable business.

To maintain sustainability the company considers the fabrics, printing and dyeing techniques, and all details of the garment when it is in production.  Organically grown cotton or hemp, Tencel, recycled fibers and materials, and overstocked materials are all used in their designs.  Each one of their pieces will fulfill at least two or more of these qualities to ensure sustainability is considered in the design process.

Their spring 2012 collection is called the Aquaknots.  It bases inspiration off of the ocean and includes many ocean colors including blues and corals.  On the other hand, the collection also encompasses many lighter earthy tones such as greys and pale purples.  Some pieces incorporate an artsy type print while others embrace the popular spring/ summer trend of cut-out backs.

This brand is certainly going to continue to grow over time.  They take great pride in their products being made in New York City and their extra element of sustainability added to every product.  They have been mentioned in countless magazines and websites proving this is definitely a notable company worth sharing and checking out.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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