Inspired By…Justin Bieber

Since his discovery in 2009, Justin Bieber has become a musical phenomenon.  You really can’t go anywhere without hearing one of his hit songs or seeing a pre-teen girl wearing a shirt with his face plastered on it.

But when you think of Bieber, his fashion sense is probably not your first thought.  But his style is actually one that can be easily adapted, whether you’re a girl or boy.

When trying to dress like Bieber, think about colors.  The boy sure loves purple, blacks, and greys.  He’s also a big fan of basketball sneakers and baggy skinny jeans.

So here’s 3 outfits that you can adapt into your daily wardrobe inspired by Justin Bieber’s style.

As I said before, Bieber really likes his baggy skinny jeans and sneakers.  And while his look is a little bit more casual, you can easily turn it into a nice dinner outfit.  Choose a pair of colored skinny jeans and a nice white shirt.  Grab a grey blazer and a pair of grey pumps to make the outfit more suited for a nice dinner.  Complete the look with a nice silver necklace.

Justin Bieber - Outfit 1

One of Bieber’s most notable traits is his purple hoodie.  For an extremely casual look, wear a purple hoodie over a black tank top.  Pair it with Converse sneakers (or basketball sneakers, if you prefer) and skinny boyfriend jeans, for the perfect Bieber look.

Justin Bieber - Outfit 2

Lately, Bieber’s started to change his style up a bit as he’s grown older.  The above look is one from his music video for “Boyfriend.”  While his look here is a bit more casual, I thought his cooler look would be great for a night out outfit.  Wear a fitted white dress, black pumps, and a pleather jacket to get that “cool” look.


Justin Bieber - Look 3


Bieber’s style is really easy to emulate, and while it is quite casual, don’t be afraid to spice it up.

In other news, which celebrity’s styles are you most influenced by?

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Written By: Joanelle Navarro