The Power of Manolo’s

Every girl has dreamed of owning a closet that competes with the likes of Carrie Bradshaw.  Not only are her clothes amazing but her shoe closet is the envy of every girl’s heart.  The end of Sex and The City the movie gets me every time when Carrie returns to her perfect apartment to get her well, perfect pair of Manolo Blahnik’s back.  These iconic blue satin pumps with the crystal broach on the toe are a signature shoe for legendary designer Manolo Blahnik.  His shoes continue to capture the desires and credit cards of women everywhere.

When I was younger and my mom would buy me a new pair of shoes, I would be so excited that I would wear them to bed…   This should have been the first sign that I loved fashion.  As I have grown up, this obviously doesn’t happen anymore.  However, Manolo’s might bring back that old habit.

Manolo Blahnik’s creations are some of the most requested shoes in the world.  Women everywhere love these shoes and the glamorous designs each shoe encompasses.  Manolo’s have been features in a ton of movies such as Sex and The City and even in the latest Twilight movie.  Bella wore a pair of white Manolo’s when she walked down the aisle to marry Edward.

Many celebrities love these shoes as well.  Celebs such as Olivia Palermo, the Olsen twins, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all worn Manolo Blahnik’s creations on the red carpet or in their own private lives.  My absolute favorite pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes are the same ones Carrie Bradshaw had her eyes on.  The Something Blue Satin Pump is one shoe I cannot stop looking at.  Some women wear these shoes as their wedding shoes for the “something blue” aspect of their wardrobe.

I can only hope one day I will be lucky enough to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes myself.  I’m not sure I would be able to bring myself to leave the house in them.   I might just display them and look at them!  As Manolo Blahnik said himself, “shoes help transform a woman.”  Manolo Blahnik shoes will forever be classic beloved pieces in any woman’s wardrobe.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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