Summer’s Sleek Shifts

Shift dresses are a popular style that will remain a classic cut in every woman’s wardrobe.  These dresses generally sit just above the knee and higher up on the chest.  This classic cut can be worn in any color with some added details to modernize the look, such as beading around the collar.

Kate Middleton has made this type of dress very popular.  She has worn many different variations of a shift dress.  Her dresses have been in all colors, patterns, and she has made the lace shift dress popular as well.

These dresses can easily go from a day at work to a night out on the town with friends.  A classic styled black shift dress is probably the most versatile style.  This look can be worn to the office with a fitted blazer, classic pumps, and leather carryall bag .  It can be dressed up for a night out by adding some strappy heels and a sparkly-layered necklace with a clutch.

Classic pieces such as a shift dress will take you day or night to many different events and these pieces will really last you a good number of years.  Shift dresses are versatile and the look can easily be changed based off the variety of different accessories added to the dress.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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