Inspired By…Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of today’s biggest country sensations.  She consistently sells out her tours in minutes, wins awards, and sells millions of copies of her albums.

With being one of music’s most influential, comes the price of having to look your best all the time.  When Taylor first hit the music scene, she dressed like every other teenage girl, but as she’s grown older, her style has matured.

When trying to dress like Taylor, think of pretty prints and pastel colors.  But, also be aware, that she’s become much bolder in her choices.  For night time looks, influenced by her red carpet appearances, go for brighter colors and cutouts.

Here’s 3 outfits that you can adapt into your daily wardrobe inspired by Taylor Swift.

This first look is a casual one.  Taylor tends to like to wear dark skinny jeans and boots.  For this particular look, pick a slouchy sweater, black skinny jeans, grey boots, and a pair of red sunglasses, for that pop of bold color.

Taylor Swift - Outfit 1


For a cute dinner look, use Taylor’s love for floral prints.  Choose a pretty floral print dress and a pair of off-white flats.  Wear an open cardigan and add a silver key necklace, to capture Taylor’s youthful appearance.

Taylor Swift - Outfit 2


In this final look, use two of Taylor’s recent red carpet looks as inspiration.  At the the Billboard awards, she sported a red dress, while at the ACM’s, she wore a white cutout dress.  For this night look, select a red cut out dress and pair it with black heels.  To add more inspiration from Taylor’s ACM look, wear a gold bangle.

Taylor Swift - Outfit 3


Taylor’s style is quite easy to copy.  She likes to choose simple day dresses and sweaters or jackets, but for her red carpet appearances, she gets a little spicier.

In other news, which celebrity’s styles are you most influenced by?

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Written By: Joanelle Navarro