Inspired By…Katy Perry

Katy Perry is best known for her catchy lyrics and extremely colorful style.  The singer’s style is one for the books, as you never know what quirky new thing she’ll wear next.  I mean, once she donned a snowman dress!

But, while most of Katy’s outfits are more suited for the MTV Video Music Awards, then your history class, you can still use her style as an inspiration.

When trying to dress like Katy, remember neon colors and tight dresses are your best friend.

This first outfit is inspired by Katy’s own casual look.  When just on the go, Katy likes wearing black skinny jeans and tank tops.  Add flip flops and a funky necklace to complete the look.

Katy Perry - Outfit 1


Katy really likes tight mini dresses, and she’s constantly wearing them on the red carpets and at shows.  If you’re feeling as outrageous as the singer, select a neon mini dress and pair it with some black booties (but, if you’re feeling crazy, choose a colored pair).  A colorful bangle and a cool ring will add just the right Katy effect.

Katy Perry - Outfit 2


When Katy first came on the scene, she was obviously inspired by the 60s.  For a perfect look for class, wear a flowered romper with a pair of colorful earrings and a bright belt.  If you’re not up for wearing a bow, like Katy often likes to, wear a pair of colorful flats with a bow on top.

Katy Perry - Outfit 3

Katy Perry is one of my favorites to look out for on the red carpet.  Her style is so fun and I never tire of her crazy outfits.  While her style is definitely colorful and crazy, if you tone it down some, its perfect for all occasions.

In other news, which celebrity’s styles are you most influenced by?

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Written By: Joanelle Navarro