Michael Kors: Not The Only Watch Designer

Watches have become on of the most popular accessories over the past few years with Michael Kors taking credit for the majority of the market that are purchased.  Marc Jacobs also offers designer watches that are just as fashionable and classy as Michael Kors.  David Yurman, who is typically thought of as solely selling high-end jewelry, has alternative, more modern looking watches that are great if you are looking for a watch and not just an accessory.  If you are looking for something with more glam and diamonds, Michele brand watches are perfect.  They can dress up any outfit while also prevent you from being fashionably late.  Similar to Michele is Breil, which feature Swarovski crystals on its watches.  Watches are of course supposed to keep you on time, but honestly it’s 2012 and everyone just uses their phone for time.  If you are buying a watch it is for the fashion so hopefully by looking at some of these brands you can find a watch for yourself that will fit any mood.

Written By: Jen McNeil

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