Inspired By…Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those rare actresses who can jump from genre to genre.  She’s just that good! You’ll probably recognize her from The Hunger Games, a franchise about a girl in an apocalyptic world.  It’s not hard to see what drew her to the epic trilogy and what other franchise can boast that their lead character is played by an Oscar-nominated actress?

Now, thanks to The Hunger Games, Jennifer is a household name.  And what comes with being popular?  Fashion. Her style has definitely progressed as the years have passed.

When trying to dress like Jennifer, think of form-fitting dresses and a casual girl next door look.  And in a special “Inspired by…,” I’ll be using Jennifer’s style to tailor to summer looks!

In this first look, Jennifer’s wearing a lovely Calvin Klein Collection red dress at the Oscar’s.  The maxi-dress style is perfect for the summer. Toss on a red maxi dress over your swimsuit, grab a beach bag, and slip on a pair of sandals and sunglasses for the perfect beach look.

Jennifer Lawrence - Outfit 1

Jennifer’s second look was a photo shoot for Teen Vogue.  I think it’s perfectly captures the nautical theme many like for summer, and colors are mismatched!  To make the outfit suited more for summer, choose a stripped tank top instead and some short shorts.  Pair it with some seafoam green sneakers (instead of heels), a brown belt, and a ring to finish the look.

Jennifer Lawrence - Outfit 2

This final look is inspired by Jennifer’s Calvin Klein green dress that she wore to a The Hunger Games premiere.  What I like most about this dress is that the style and color is perfect for a day and night look!

For the day, choose a teal summer dress, black gladiator shoes, and a fun ring to capture Jennifer’s fun personality.

Jennifer Lawrence - Outfit 3

For the night, choose a form-fitting teal dress, strappy black heels, and a black ring.


Jennifer Lawrence - Outfit 4

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely one of my favorite actresses and she’s one to look out for.  With two more The Hunger Games books to be made into movies, expect to see more glamorous looks from her in years to come.

So, which celebrity’s styles are you most influenced by?

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Written By: Joanelle Navarro

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