Eco-Spotlight: Rags2Riches

Rags2Riches is an online eco-friendly clothing company based out of Manila, Philippines that creates their designs from scraps cloth, organic fabrics, and indigenous fabrics.  They work with women in poorer communities across the country to help raise their quality of life through work.

Many of the women in these communities first began in the rug weaving industry so many of the accessories such as the various types of bags have an influence from this industry.  Many feature a woven like pattern incorporating brighter bold colors, tassels, and leather handles and accents.

This brand features a lot of really unique clutches.  They are all extremely colorful, using colors such as hot pink, turquoise, bright oranges, and cobalt blue.  Many do feature a woven type design somewhere on the bag.  These bags help to support a better life for the women who create them and their families.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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