Eco Spotlight: Gucci Shoes

They’re here!  Gucci has created a line of Eco-friendly flats.  These jelly like flats are reminiscent of the popular jelly shoes we wore as little girls, however they are definitely more modern and adult appropriate.

These flats are made of a biodegradable plastic material and are available in several bright fun colors such as teal, yellow, and pink.  There is also a wedge version of these Eco flats, which runs $210 where as the flats cost $170.  These colorful strappy flats of course come with the signature Gucci logo on the top of the flat.  The line even features an Eco-friendly sneaker design for men including the biodegradable plastic material that is in the flats!

More and more designers are creating Eco-friendly products to try and do their part in reducing the environmental impact fashion has on the environment.  These flats are a great option for anyone looking for more sustainable fashions to add to their wardrobe.  Not to mention they are cute!

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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