Is There Life Without Jeans?

Tired of wearing your boring old jeans?  Want something to wear that’s more exciting and fashionable?  Toss the jeans and pick up some alternatives.  Any look can instantly be transformed by adding some different non-jean style options on your bottom half.

Recently I purchased some pants from J.Crew that I had heard women raving about.  I didn’t understand what all the type was about until I put on these glorified leggings.  J.Crew Pixie pants are my new favorite option!  These pants are a great alternative to wearing leggings.  Forget ever worrying about your undies showing through your leggings, these pants are much thicker and extremely stretchy.  They have a small back zipper and seams running down the back of the pant, which help, flatter your legs.  I’m obsessed!

Another pant option that I love is any form of higher waisted trouser pants.  Black is generally a great go to option, which will match with everything.  These pants can be dressed up or kept casual as well.  I think high waisted pants always create a trendy feel to any outfit.  They can be worn with a button down shirt for a dressier feel or kept casual with a loose v-neck tee tucked in.

Cords are also another option, which give a similar feel to jeans but visually are different than jeans.  Cords come in endless colors and are great to wear in the fall and winter season.  They can be paired with basically anything just like jeans, which adds to their appeal and versatility.  They are also available in many of the same cuts as jeans: wide leg, skinny, boot cut, etc.

If you’re bored with your same old plain jeans opt for one of these other options to create a different look.  Pixie pants, trousers, and cords are great to dress up or down and create your look based off different cuts and colors.  Go ahead and try a pair!

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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