We are Moving Forward and Fabulous

Alright everyone, we are in our last homestretch! The presidential elections are right around the corner and emotions are running high. Instead of being so serious all the time, The Obama campaign has to decided to make things a little more fun.

The Obama campaign has recently launched their initiative with 32 designers. Among the designers are names like Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Tina Knowles, Ricky Martin & Rachel Zoe.

Some really cool items have been launched via the Runway to Win website such as Gym-Tees, 3 pack onesies, crew-neck T-shirts, makeup bags, customized backpacks, & oversized scarves. These American-made items range in between $45 to $95 and all proceeds benefit the Obama Victory Fund. Not only does the money support Obama, but also the Democratic National Committee and additional Democratic parties. The movement is said to be a symbolic message that any and all supporters can play apart in the campaign with any talent.

The President has no shortage of fashion industry supporters. In response the Romney campaign has since launched an assortment of red, white and blue items ranging from lapel pins, to silver-plated “R” earrings, to hoodies and T-shirts.

Written By: Brianna Coleman

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