These Boots, These Boots

Every year, I anticipate the coming of autumn, not only for the chilling change in weather, but for that fateful, cold day that signals the greatest season a girl like me could as for: boot season. Boots are one of my favorite fashion accessories, and from October, through the holiday season, I wear them practically every day, switching off between different pairs. Any style of boot can be worn with jeans or leggings, and many of them look great with a dress or skirt.

Boots have been a staple in fashion for years and years from the lace-up boot sandals of the ancient Greeks to the hearty seal skin boots of the Inuit tribes of Alaska. Today, many boots are bought for their efficiency in inclement weather, like rain boots or snow boots. Many more, however, are bought for their style rather than efficiency (although I love to combine the two). The styles today, I’ve found, reflect a 19th century vibe.

For example, the old veil lace-up boot is very similar to a pair of boots. It’s not an exact replica, of course, but the styles certainly have mirroring qualities.

This pair of button-up ankle boots shown above also reveal a familiar style to today’s ankle boots.

Men’s shoes are also reminiscent of the past:

One reason that boots are especially influenced by the 19th century is that many shoe companies actually got started in the 1800s and many are still around today. One prominent company is Frye Company, which has been making boots and hearty shoes since 1863, and still continues to make quality American footwear. While many of the shoes we wear are made trans-nationally, their style reflects our culture’s whims. A popular style now is the slouch boots (of suede, leather, or other clothe-like material) of which I have two pairs, replacing the slick, leather equine-esque boots that I had (and loved, fiercely, in my adolescent pride) in the 90s. I’ve also been in the market for a pair of cowboy boots, which would work brilliantly with my pseudo cowboy-rockstar ensemble (including vinyl pants, and a rough leather jacket) but have failed, so far, to find any that are the perfect fit. Cowboy boots can also transcend seasons and create a cute country look under a sundress in summer.

For more formal occasions, I love the look of high-heel ankle boots with opaque pantyhose under a warm sweater dress. Knee-high heel boots can also look very office-Christmas-party savvy, paired with a heavy fabric skirt or dress, like wool or cashmere.

A style that I recently discovered is that of the moccasin boot, which emanates a kind of soft, earthy feel. Some come with a bit too much design and too many tassels hanging from them, but many embody the simple, unpretentious air that they were meant to assume. In contrast, the Ugg boots are a simple design that does not jive well with my personal taste. I’ve never much liked the thick, plain look for myself, but many girls can pull it off with a pair of leggings with a long sweater. Luckily for me, so many other styles of boots exist, I never feel deprived by my lack of Uggs.

Boots are a must-have for every cold season, and due to their warmth and efficiency, they will never go out of style. What I like to do is buy boots on sale after the weather starts to warm up again, so that I have a new pair to kick off the following fall season. Honestly, buying boots at any point in time is an excellent investment in my mind.

Written By: Mary B.

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