Inspired By… Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has been consistently good since Mean Girls.

The actress has been in so many major movies including Mamma MiaDear John, and the upcoming Les Miserables.  She’s one of those rare actresses who’s great at switching from comedy to romantic lead.


And she’s also always on the best dressed lists!  Amanda’s personal style is great.  I love her slouchy sweaters and skinny jeans looks.  And her red carpet style is usually so glam and different.  Her red suit with purple heels was a great look, and so different from what everyone else is sporting.  So, when trying to dress like Amanda think unique and comfortable.

In this first look, Amanda is running errands.  To copy her cute casual look, go with a beige slouchy long sleeve shirt or sweater, white skinny jeans, and tan oxfords.


Amanda Seyfried - Outfit 1

This second look is of Amanda at a Les Miserables premiere.  Take the basic ideas of the dress (white, sheer, red pumps) and turn it into a smoking night look.  Select a white sheer shirt, a blue skirt, and red shoes and make it your own.


Amanda Seyfried - Outfit 2

In this final look, Amanda was at the In Time premiere.  Her cute H&M short suit is a lovely outfit for dinner.  To copy it, go with a pair of dressy blue shorts, a black collared shirt, a blue blazer (try to get the colors as closely matched as possible), and black heels.

'In Time' film premiere, London, Britain - 31 Oct 2011

Amanda Seyfried - Outfit 3

Amanda’s style is super unique but cool and comfortable.  So if you’re looking for a fashionable, unique, but comfortable style, try out Amanda’s.

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Written By: Joanelle Navarro

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