How to Accessorize Any Neckline

Sometimes the best part and the hardest part are the same.  This certainly stands true when trying to accessorize your outfit. As we all know, jewelry is the secret to make any outfit look great, or it can do just the opposite.  It all starts and ends with the neckline, learn how to pick the perfect necklace for all different types!

My favorite tops to throw on when I’m just running errands and don’t really plan on doing much are V-neck or scoop neck shirts.  Even if I don’t plan on doing anything, I would rather look like I at least tried to make myself appear socially acceptable.  This is where necklaces come in handy, even for my leisure tops!  The trick to picking out a necklace with my V-neck tops is easy, just follow the V.  I avoid wearing necklaces that aren’t long enough to reach the V; the picture below is a good example of how it should look.  Wearing chokers or necklaces with a short chain are not a good look for the V-neck style.  Stick with longer necklaces to give your simple look a little zest.  As for the scoop neck shirts, you can try almost anything.  The scoop neck is great for those risky necklaces that you can’t find anything else to wear with.  You can wear a choker, a necklace with a short chain or even a longer necklace but when I really want to give my scoop neck an extra spark, I pull out the pearls.


If you’re going for more of a formal look and want to throw on a button up shirt, there are necklaces to compliment that look as well.  Headed to an interview and have your shirt all the way buttoned? Definitely pick a classier piece such as a string of pearls.  It’s better to wear longer necklaces when your shirt’s buttoned with the exception of chokers and collars as you can see below.  Unbuttoned is another story, the longer the necklace is when your shirt is unbuttoned, the more likely it will get tangled up.  Save the shorter necklaces for the open shirt look.


Now for the good stuff, Dresses!  Halter, low back, strapless, there are necklaces for all types.  The most important thing to remember when dressing up the dress is if the dress really even needs it.  Sure necklaces can really add something to your look, but it can also ruin it.  You have to be able to decide if the dress is enough on its own or if maybe it does need a necklace.  The halter top style is a hard one to dress but it can be done.  Some people think if the halter ties all the way to your neck, that you don’t need a necklace, wrong!  It adds a very classy and elegant touch when you wear a necklace over the dress material.  For dresses that show off the low back, I like to remember the saying “business in the front, party in the back.” Pick a necklace that has a chain to dangle for days in the back.  It will accentuate your dress and make everyone look twice; once when you’re coming towards and again when you’re leaving.  The strapless dress is my favorite style, it always has been.  I like the feeling of being able to breathe and it’s also easier not to spill anything on! I stick with shorter necklaces when I whip out the strapless, even though any necklace can usually be pulled off.

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The most important things to remember when dressing up the neck line are simple.  The higher your neckline is, the lower your necklace should fall.  If your neckline is low such as the strapless, your necklace should be higher.  There is a reason jewelry is usually always located by the register, it’s the last thing to add to your outfit but the most important!

Written By: Samantha Kenny

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