Poshmark App: Shopping Closet To Closet


For the past few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of different ads on my Facebook app newsfeed. As I skimmed the other day, I came across the words “shop and sell from your closet.” Intrigued, I kept reading and discovered one of the most brilliant fashion apps around. Poshmark is a smartphone app that allows women to sell and buy clothes and accessories directly from their closets. Seems silly, right? But it’s not! I was instantly hooked the moment I downloaded it. It’s completely free and it’s filled with hundred of listings that range from high fashion designer goods, to your basic inexpensive pieces.


 Poshmark is not only free, but it’s extremely easy to use and explore. By creating an account, you’re instantly apart of the Poshmark world. By following more users, you gain access to more closets to shop in. The app also includes a section called “Posh Parties,” which allows users to sell products that fall under a central theme. “Animal Print,” “Hot Handbags,” and “All About Boots” are examples of Posh Party names. Poshmark also takes care of the shipping for you. Once you sell an item out of your closet, they will send you a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label to you. You just package your item up, paste on the label and drop it off at the post office. That dress you’re tired of is off to someone new, and you now have some extra cash!

I plan on selling a few items out of my own closet soon. I’m really excited to see this app take off. I only wish I created it first!


Written By: Allison Ripa

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