“Shoe Obsession” at FIT

Obsessed with shoes? Okay, stupid question. Obsessed with shoes enough to walk through an entire exhibit full of them? If you are, then you should make some time to head into New York City to walk through FIT’s new exhibit called “Shoe Obsession.” FIT describes it as examining “our culture’s ever-growing fascination with extravagant and fashionable shoes.” Think about it, fashion 30 years ago was all about garment making, and what to wear on your silhouette. Today, fashion is all about what you wear on your feet. Of course, our clothing is just as important to us today, but shoes now have an undeniable presence.

And who to thank but this woman:


Sarah Jessica Parker, also known as Carrie Bradshaw. Who could forget her love for shoes? Now, it may be a bit of a stretch to say that she is the sole reason shoes have grown in such high popularity in the past 20 years, but she has had a major influence on our culture and how women view their shoe collections.

“Shoe Obsession” features over 150 examples of shoe styles from the 21st century from Manolo Blahnik to Christian Louboutin to Nicholas Kirkwood and every famous footwear designer in between. Not to mention how many styles today’s designers have come up with. You will see everything from simple, elegant pumps to crazy 9-inch heels decked out in spikes and multiple colors.

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Pictured above from left to right, Manolo Blahnik 2003, Christian Louboutin fall 2012, Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring 2011.

Make sure you clear some time to get to this exhibit, because it won’t be around for long. The last day is April 13th. To check out more information on the exhibit and why it was put together, head here.

Written By: Julia Klein

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