Pros and Cons of Outlet Stores

Everyone loves to shop. We often call shopping “retail therapy.” We go above and beyond when it comes to buying the latest fashion. There’s the option of department stores, online shopping, and of course the outlets. Online shopping is the most popular option but the outlets have the most deals. When it comes to the outlets, there are advantages and disadvantages.


Pros: One of the pros of outlets is that they have almost all the popular brand stores. Sometimes popular designers only retail online and in outlet stores and cannot be found in any local malls or department stores. Another advantage of outlet stores is that sometimes they have better deals. There are larger sales and in store promotions available in outlet stores than online and in department stores. Other advantages include availability of products, lowered prices, and coupon books.


Cons: The biggest disadvantage of outlet stores are old styles. The manufacturers sometimes dump unwanted, overproduced, or unpopular styles to the outlets. The outlets are often called the “leftovers,” but that is not always the case. Another con of outlet stores is location. The outlets aren’t always a quick drive. Sometimes outlet stores are as far as 1-2 hours away depending on your location. One other disadvantage of outlet stores is that sometimes they do not offer discounted prices. At times, the prices are still the full retail price. One has to be real careful and check the prices before making a purchase.

Next time you’re shopping at the outlets, be sure to remember these tips!

Written by: Andrea Marie Luistro

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