Designer Spotlight: Linda Loudermilk

A lot of the times when you hear sustainable clothing, or eco-friendly clothes you don’t immediately think of something sexy and fierce. Designer Linda Loudermilk set out to change the way we think about sustainable by creating a luxury eco-clothing. These collections completely change the way you think about sustainable clothing, showing off how eco-friendly can be edgy, sex and fun.


Linda Loudermilk started off as any other designer, working her way up in the fashion world until her collections were being shown on the runways of Paris. Despite her success she felt that something was missing, that while she was making clothes she wasn’t really making a difference. Loudermilk realized that while her clothes were beautiful they had no soul. This was when she made the decision that she needed to find a new direction which ended up being new and fashionable sustainable clothing.


To create her luxury eco line Loudermilk investigated different kinds of sustainable materials to use in her pieces. Some of these textiles and materials she uses are made from natural and renewable sources like sasawashi which is a thread woven out of bamboo grass and Japanese paper, or soy-fabric which is made out of the by-products of soybean oil production.  She also uses EcoSpun, a product made from recycled soda bottles mixed with organic cotton.


Loudermilk’s pieces really do take sustainable clothing to a new level. The clothes in her collections show how sustainable clothing can break out as something that is even more mainstream. While eco-friendly clothing is making its way onto the runway, Loudermilk proves that it ready for the runway and for even more.

Written By: Courtney White

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