The New Nerd Chic: Literature-Inspired Accessories

As an English major, I do not usually see any literary accessories (nor do I hear such heated arguments on the worth of various literature) outside of the English building on campus. But once I walk into an English class, I cannot help but admire the unique pieces of jewelry and t-shirts and phone cases that my fellow bibliophiles display. After seeing an ‘I’d F. Scott Fitzgerald’ shirt, complete with a big screen print of Fitzgerald’s face across the front, I knew it was time to get my hands on some of these literary pieces myself.

Whether you are an avid reader or just a devotee of a certain author, or just a fan of all things quirky, literary accessories are a great way to showcase your love of literature as well as great conversation pieces. These inspired accessories are not only all over Etsy, but have also infiltrated high end retailers like Kate Spade and Nordstrom. Some brands, like Out of Print, specialize in these book-themed accessories in the form of items like t-shirts, hoodies, iphone, cases, coasters, and notebooks.

1. Library Card Pouch, $12 from Out of Print
2. A Clockwork Orange iPhone Case, $25 from Out of Print
3. Wuthering Heights Literary Classic Brass Cuff Bracelet, $40 from JezebelCharms via Etsy

4. Jane Eyre Book Scarf, $42 from storiarts via Etsy
5.   Slaughterhouse-Five Book Cover/Typewriter Earrings, $16 from DesignsByAnnette via Etsy
6. Book Clutch, $325 from Kate Spade

While I will not be buying any Catcher in The Rye themed earrings anytime soon (do not get me started on how overrated I find Salinger), I cannot wait to get my hands on a Lolita iPhone case and that Jane Eyre scarf pictured above. Not only are these accessories the perfect way to personalize (and intellectualize) an outfit, they also make thoughtful gifts for those diehard Tolkien-loving friends of yours  or collectors of Edgar Allen Poe kitsch. So if anyone’s looking for a belated birthday gift for me, that F. Scott Fitzgerald t-shirt is totally welcome…

Written By: Alana Farr

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