Designer Spotlight: Mighty McQueen

Avant-garde, edgy, outrageous and alien-esque qualities are commonly what come to mind when describing any unique collection from Alexander McQueen. In the case of this spring’s 2014 collection, the edgy aspect remains intact, but are the rest? Not quite.

Inspired by the many progressive art movements amongst the 20th Century, McQueen’s s/s ’14 collection is distinctive, but unlike the other ethereal and other worldly designs frequently seen. Dropped waists, boxy shapes, simplified patterns and fragmented textiles make up the majority of the garments. Laser cutting, bold color and clean-cut pieces compliment each other as the collection progresses throughout.

All the same, the design work is a little underwhelming in comparison to the Alexander McQueen collections of past. Look below for a few comparisons between past design work and the new collection of spring/summer, 2014.

S/S ’14:


S/S ’12:


S/S ’14:


S/S 10:


Written By: Deanna Kennedy

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