Flower Child: Rings & Things

They key to wearing trendy rings is ‘chunk’ and ‘stack.’ Stackable rings, chunky rings, and mineral rings are being worn and sold by many different fashion designers and companies, and independent sellers such as the artists found on Etsy have taken to designing stackable and chunky rings that the boho-chic ‘Flower Child’ would love.


Quantity, Not Quality

Stackable rings, usually worn in sets of 3 or 4, are popular amongst the ‘Flower Child’ generation because of the way it clutters the finger but is also simple at the same time. Many of these stackable rings are thin and simple, with hardly any designs, stones, or jewels on them. Sometimes they are different colors or have slightly different shapes, but these rings match without actually matching – something a ‘Flower Child’ will be able to master based on their taste and the influences of others!


The Chunkier, The Better

Minerals, rocks, turquoise, animals, moons, shapes: these are all found cluttering the hands of young trendsetters and ‘Flower Children.’ While it is not advised to wear a chunky ring on every finger, one or two scattered across your hands definitely brings character and appeal to your hands. The chunky ring will be the first ring noticed by other people, so make sure it isn’t something stupid like a hamburger; think about what you like before buying cheap-o five dollar rings.


Midi: Half Cute or Half Stupid?

The Midi ring, which is still a slowly growing trend, is a ring placed in the middle of your finger, between the middle knuckle and your nail. It looks strange, definitely, but when paired with the right amount of other rings, it stands out because of its location, and also makes your fingers look dainty and cute because of the pinky-ring sized ring on your middle finger. Midi rings are a great accessory if you are trying to have your hands look a little different from everyone else’s, and different from a gypsy who has ten rings on each hand.


Written By: Marika Jayne

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