Designer Spotlight: Kate Spade to Collaborate with Gap Kids

Kate Spade’s first step into childrenswear has mothers, aunts, sisters and nannies alike all envious of their young ones. The famous fashion designer’s quirky clothing and (hopefully) accessories will soon be available at a much loved and affordable children’s clothing retailer.

Kate Spade New York, alongside brother line Jack Spade, will be collaborating with Gap Kids and we adults couldn’t be more thrilled that Spade’s fashions will now be carried in these miniature sizes.


The new line isn’t set to launch until November so it appears there’s some waiting to be done before any of us will be able to sneak a peek at what Kate Spade has in store for our fashionable tots.

No additional information has been released on what the collection may include, such as pieces, prices, and sizes. Will the new line consist of the traditional and funky Kate Spade designs, or will it be modified to fit the established Gap look? Will petite adults be able to squeeze into these children’s clothes in order to buy them at the kid’s clothes price? It looks like Kate Spade and Gap fans will have to let their imaginations wander until the line officially launches in November.

Written by: Rachel Woronoff


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