Flower Child: Sun Chaser

Some brands don’t need gimmicks to sell their clothing, and yet some of them, like Free People, will still come up with super attractive marketing campaigns that draw their fans in. One of the easiest ways to draw customers in is to show them what the clothing will look like on. Of course most big name designers show their clothing off on the runway, but the best way to get your looks to the most people is a video. Free People is known for its whimsical flower child looks, and they really show off this style in their video for their newest collection Sun Chaser.

The video is a must watch if you want to watch something heartfelt that has good music and clothes. The collection is described by FP as “a westward journey in soulful sheer layers” with “well traveled touches.” The pieces in this collection really speak to that, even without the video you can imagine these clothes on a free-spirited flower child that is out traveling the countryside in search of adventure. Let’s take a look at some of the pieces that make up this collection.
This strappy maxi dress is a great summer piece. It comes in this rust color, or grey and is made in the USA. Maxi dresses continue to be a super popular trend and this one is a great purchase because the buttons up the front give you the option to wear it as a classic maxi or to unbutton some and wear it with a pair of shorts.
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This high-lo dress made of lace and sequins has whimsical written all over it. This isn’t the dress for everyone being that it is completely sheer, but it would be a perfect dress for a festival or for the adventurous among you. The detailing of the sequins on this dress is gorgeous.

This sheer blouse screams day on the beach. The models in the lookbook don’t appear to be wearing anything under it, but for the rest of us a little coverage is needed or wanted. It’s easy to imagine someone in this shirt with a bathing suit underneath, or a bandeau for a day not on the beach. Because this shirt is so lightweight it would be great even for a hot hot summer day.
Take a look at this collection put all together. The pieces that make up Sun Chaser complement each other so well. The romper is made out of the same lightweight material as the blouse which makes it great even on a hot day. The combination of the long legs with the cutout in the middle creates the perfect balance of modesty and edginess. Also, check out the crocheted monokini! It is super cute, especially paired with that over-sized necklace. Overall this collection was made for hot summer days filed with adventure and whimsy.

Written By: Courtney White

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