Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Shoe Collection

Traditionally when we think of shoes only a couple of women comes to mind: Cinderella; who forgot her crystal shoe on the steps of the castle just around midnight, and Lorelai Gilmore; who seemed to elegantly manage endless strolls in the snowy Stars Hollow even in dainty heels. Nevertheless in the eyes of thousands of women, the undisputed “queen of footwear” seems to be the lovely Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. How many times we have imagined ourselves in her Manolo’s walking around New York City free as a bird! She always gave the impression that a new pair of shoes could do wonders when dealing with a broken heart or a gloomy day. Looking at the beautiful windows on 5th Avenue was the real pleasure, only topped by that feeling of power you felt when Carrie stepped out of a shop–bags in her hands and a new fabulous purchase that would accompany her on her urban adventures. She always managed to convey that feeling of feminine power that her heels radiated, as if she could do anything in a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo’s.


That’s why when Sarah Jessica Parker paired up with George Malkemus to create her own footwear collection, the world went berserk. People sometimes tend to confuse an actor with the character he has played for most of his career; but although we need to make basic distinctions, Parker and Carrie actually shared a deep love for shoes. Parker had already worked with Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, when she was on the set of the celebrated TV show. In fact, he let the girls design their own shoes for the show, according to their tastes and to what their alter-egos might have loved to wear.


Parker always takes a very strict and professional approach to  everything she does and it wasn’t any different when it came to designing her line: “I didn’t want to produce cheap shoes for women and ask for their hard-earned dollars and not be proud of the product,” she said in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar. So her line targets all women, offering high quality shoes at affordable prices.
The inspiration came from the ’70s and ’80s, a creative time for women footwear, when Charles Jourdan and Maud Frizon dominated the scene with sexy and feminine designs. Parker put together timeless features and a whimsical touch to create shoes that can be worn during a night-out but also at the office, without feeling the need to change into ballet flats by 10 AM. Thus, she started with a single sole, simple classic silhouettes and fine materials like Italian leather. Then, she added a bit of her playful self, decorating the seam on the back of the shoes with a grosgrain ribbon. “We settled for one colour only, the palest and prettiest of salmon pink.” The inspiration came from her childhood, “I had to wear hair ribbon to school every day as a little girl. We had the grosgrain in every colour and we had to iron it ourselves every morning.
The results are classic pieces that will surprise you with their simple prettiness and elegance. You’ll be able to wear them anywhere and you’ll never want to take them off. Because if there is one person to trust when it comes to shoes, it just has to be Sarah Jessica Parker!


The Bobbie Sandal in Mint


The Fawn Pumps


The Lady Pumps in Coral Red


The Ina Pumps


The Carrie Pump. “I wanted my favourite shoe to be the Carrie. I mean, could I not?”

Find and shop the collection on Nordstrom.

Written by: Alice Demurtas

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