Flower Child: Head Wraps


While most music festival goers are stuck on flower crowns and headbands, a more classy and simple head accessory has gained popularity. Head wraps, usually made of chains (like necklaces), offer a more subtle alternative for head-wear, while still being boho/hippie and cute. Head wraps have more of a princess/goddess/gypsy-type look, and can be hard to pull off (without having a middle part in your hair). These chain head wraps, which are different from a head wrap that only loops around your head once, are distinct in that they loop around your head but also follow your middle part, connecting the back of the chain with the front of the chain over your head. Often times, the chains will also dangle a jewel, stone, or any other small token over your forehead, much like a goddess’s headdress. These chains, which range in style, jewelry, and color, can make any outfit look more sophisticated and chic, and can be worn to many different occasions.



Written By: Marika Jayne

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