Letting Loose Like A Lady

What is it about the slouchy cardigan, and its slightly more refined sister, the relaxed blazer, that seems to have universal appeal? Does the cardi speak to some innate part of us that still doesn’t want to grow up? Some of us did have fun in high school, after all (now junior high – ugh, that was another story). Does the intrigue of the blazer, meanwhile, lie in the way women get to soften the menswear look – – and chalk up a little victory in the battle of the sexes? Or is it the fact that both these pieces make for effortless charm when paired with their opposites – work attire with the cardi, a tee with the blazer – that results in a brand new combo we wouldn’t have thought of before? Something new, girls; in fashion, we’re always, ALWAYS looking for ingenuity, and these particular cardis and blazers provide the perfect excuse for some experimenting.

lady 1 lady 2


Pair a slouchy cardigan with a leather mini, and you can tap into your inner schoolgirl but allow her to grow up a little. I personally love the mix of playful innocence and the softer, more mature mystery that this style creates (though the girl below is in a slouchy Henley-type sweater, this is the look you want to aim for).

lady 3

You can also rock the current “Clueless” trend by adding a plaid mini; or stay in your comfort zone by wrapping it around a lace tank and cutoffs.

lady 4

Speaking of rocking, how does a loose and lovely blazer with a sporty tee or casual Friday jeans work for you? This same blazer adds a welcome informality to your otherwise buttoned-up events, but alternatively is still proper enough for the office.

lady 5 lady 6 lady 7


Thanks to the forgiving nature of this particular cardigan and blazer, you have more leeway with the proportions of your accompaniments. If done right, fitted, flowy, or a mix of various sizing options with your blouses, skirts and pants will all work with these transition season favorites. Versatility is the name of the game! So if you’re bored with the current fashion scene, now’s the time to start going through your closet, and doing some mixing and matching with that free and easy cardi and blazer. Let loose and throw rigidity out the window and the wardrobe; because sometimes the best trends start as beautiful accidents.

Jessica Alba steps out for dinner in New York City in a flower jacket

Written By:  Jenny Neiheisel

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