Flower Child: Daisy Prints


Floral patterns are always a trend, but with the warm temperatures of spring and summer, more girls don their sundresses and rompers that are entirely floral patterned. While there is a wide range of floral patterns with a wide range of colors, the one that always sticks out is the daisy print. The daisy print usually has one look: a black or blue background with small yellow and white daisies splattered across the garment. It’s simple, yet cute, and will never become overdone. Everyone (even guys!) knows what a daisy is, which makes the daisy print a go-to pattern for dresses and the like. It’s almost like the “Original Flower Pattern” (OG Flower) and will look great on anyone. Some floral patterns and their color schemes are hard to pull off, but with the simplicity of the daisy print, it’s hard to go wrong.

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Written By: Marika Jayne

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