Mango Spring/Summer 2014: Two Picks


Mango certainly knows that approaching summer months are all about style AND comfort. These two picks for the summer are sure to keep both fashion goals in mind. The first is the all-white pointe top and wrap skirt. The elegant artistic flair compensates for the lack of designs or decorating on the fabric itself. Instead, the layout of the fabric is where the creativity within the fashion becomes most apparent. The other pick from Mango’s new products includes the checkered skirt. Simple, it most likely works best with a white or black blouses on top. Though more daring Fashion Foot sisters may be more interested in adding red, yellow or purple for a somewhat brighter summer look. This would be a wonderful skirt for summer celebrations without coming of as too formal and stuffy. Mango, thank you for your brilliance once more!

Written by: Sara Khan

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