Fashion Tattoos: Needle-Free Body Art



In Spring 2010, Rodarte and Chanel threw model after model down the runway fake-tatted up to give a deeper level of drama to their collections. Since then, more and more tattoos have appeared as a fashion statement. Fortunately for those afraid of biker dudes and drills, it’s not necessary to go under the needle in this day and age. Fashion tattoos have become more available in trendier styles than ever.


The advantage of faux tattoos is the ability to try on different styles without committing your skin to an extremely painful experience as well as a permanent one. Temporary tattoos allow the freedom of exploring personal expression completely pain free. While there are tons of celebrities with infamous ink, these fake tats are trendy, en vogue, and way more affordable.


After showing off inked up models down the runway, many designers released temporary tattoo lines. Here are some of TFF’s favorites:


Rodarte’s Egyptian tattoos were applied by MAC:

tattoo 2 tattoo 3 tattoo 4


Chanel’s chains, cherry blossoms, and birds, oh my!

tattoo 5 tattoo 6 tattoo 7

Louis Vuitton monograms for a rich necktie:

tattoo 8 tattoo 9 tattoo 10


We’re crazy about Pamela Love’s tats:

tattoo 11 tattoo 12


Gotta have Jean Paul Gaultier’s:

tattoo 13


Beyoncé and Tina Knowles’ House of Dereon with Temptu.

tattoo 14 tattoo 15 tattoo 16 tattoo 18


Many of these tattoo stencils are available on Ebay and on the designer’s web sites.


Written By: Courtney Prather

Photo Sources:×360/o_r/Rodarte05_beauty_v_16sep09_fv_b_240x360.jpg×400.jpg