Designer Spotlight: Qristyl Frazier

Qristyl Frazier is versatile. From glamorous gowns to flowing jumpsuits and form-fitting swimsuits, Frazier has made headway as a unique artist in the world of plus-size fashion.

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After earning her degree from Stephens College, Qristyl Frazier garnered experience in the fashion industry by working as a designer under a number of notable brands (Sean by Sean Combs, Alice + Olivia) before founding Qristyl Frazier Designs in 2006 and presenting her artwork to the public.

Frazier holds the distinction of being one of the only plus-size designers to offer advanced tailoring options, particularly the ability for customers to choose both their normal dress size as well as their height.

For a plus-size gal, the discrepancy between height and weight can be a nightmare; a larger woman who is shorter could wind up with a dress that is fitted well, but far too short. Similarly, a smaller woman could be stuck with a piece that works well for her figure but is much too long. Frazier’s concise and generous tailoring options aid in eliminating this problem.

In addition to her design expertise, Frazier coined the term “plus sexy” as a moniker to describe plus-sized women in hopes of promoting body positivity for a community of women whose body types are often left off the runway and out of pop culture.

Though the pieces offered through her company aren’t exactly mainstream prices, they are a fair price and a good buy for the high fashion with the attention to detail and variety provided by the designer.

For the summer season in particular, Frazier offers a number of bright, beautiful dresses for both formal and casual occasions, each sleek, fashionable, and certain to grab attention.

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Though Frazier’s swimsuit collection is significantly smaller than that of her dresses, it – by no means – signals that she’s any less brilliant at designing beautiful pieces to hit the pool in. With 24 different fabric designs available for swimwear, there are still countless ways change your style up.

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Written By: Dora Smith

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