5 Best Runway Shows of The Decade

It seems like today’s most ambitious designers are doing just what the more unorthodox breed of new brides are doing – dancing down the runway and putting on something a bit more spectacular than the traditional standard. But this isn’t a new thing in the fashion world. Some of the biggest names in the industry are and have been putting on spectacular and gorgeously unique runway shows since eccentricity became a norm rather than a fad. The phrase “it’s never been done before” merely sends an inspirational jolt through a designer’s spine, and these five runway shows (in no particular ranking order) are merely just a few.


#5- Alexander McQueen S/S 2005 (Part 2)- Tech Checkmate


Part One of this show seemed like any other bleach-white and safe approach-except for the fact that each model was lined up in perfect army formation before the lights were extinguished. Robotic chants begin to echo into the darkness as the runway became a 22nd century chessboard of couture dolls. A strange game of human chess is played before the glowing squares fade at last to gleeful cheers, and the late and great designer’s modest bow, a defining mark in McQueen’s legacy of one-of-a-kind execution.


#4- Dior Fall 2010 Couture: Avant Garden


Dior’s sauntering candy-wrapped wisps were a striking contrast against the runway’s industrial backdrop – a smart choice for the design house. The room’s moderate ambiance did little to keep us astray from the garments’ eye-popping colors, not to mention 3-D wall art that spilled out onto the runway. The French design house managed to one-up on Disney’s attempt at a certain talking flower garden, without the bells and banter.


#3- Salvatore Ferragamo 2013 Resort Collection: First Love at the Louvre


Ferragamo was the first (and last, so far) house to exhibit this neutral and eclectic 2013 collection at the Louvre (also a first.) Soft music walked hand-in-hand with shades of cream on a milky runway to create a a deliciously ethereal effect housed inside one of the world’s most historic landmarks. Imagine lo-fi club tunes playing inside the very same edifice known to keep unfinished works of Da Vinci and countless other Renaissance masters, an atmosphere accomplished by those at Salvatore Ferragamo.


#2- Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection: Sea Chic


While one could describe Chanel’s 2012 Spring RTW Spring show as something-along-the-lines-of-a-crazy-Ikea-display, us fashion mongers call it nothing short of flawless. The sparkling pastels of the walking garments emerge from a model underwater stone into a sea of adoring eyes to make for an unforgettable exhibition. Thanks, Mr. Lagerfeld.


#1- Louis Vouitton S/S 2012: Carousel of Couture


As if we were all shrunk down to the size of a dormouse, we look up to see a white curtain rise as the sound of a winding key echoes, revealing a parade of (very) well-dressed damsels mounted atop toy horses. Eerie but nonetheless enchanting, various orchestral and music box tunes play as those mystery girls dismount and canter, one right after the other. This Louis Vouitton show ends as it should: the whereabouts of the models unknown, the future of the contents worn, made.

Written by: Arielle Tipa

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