Designer Spotlight: Mignon Faget


Due to her ability to capture the spirit of New Orleans through her work, Mignon Faget is a staple designer in the city. “I was born here and I’ve lived here all of my life. What is so beautiful about Louisiana comes out through my work. It is a mysterious place,” she says. Her Louisiana Collection is full of jewelry pieces that represent the city, including a red bean from the classic dish, red beans and rice; a creole cottage, which shows the distinct stylings of New Orleans’ homes; and the iconic streetcar which runs throughout the city.


She also finds ways to send powerful messages through her jewelry. Her Conservation, Preservation, & Education Collection alludes to aquatic wildlife that needs protection, famous architecture that needs saving, and gun violence in the city that needs to come to an end. The pendants in this collection include oysters painted black because of the BP oil spill and revolvers in front of a black ribbon to symbolize the death and violence.


Her collections begin with an idea that then gets sketched and conceptualized, then finally produced.  The process is extensive, but well worth it because her final products are beautifully detailed. Here’s to you, Mignon Faget!

Written By: Christina Wurm


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