DIY Series: Flannel Shirts

Some people are predicting that this September will be chilly, a real change in comparison to the warm summer most of us have been having. Already there have been some mild days where I needed to throw on a sweater. What this means is that it is time to start thinking about what looks you are going to rock this fall, and one of the most popular looks for fall is the flannel shirt. Flannel shirts are great because they come is so many colors and styles that there is bound to be one out there that fits your look. If you haven’t found the flannel piece for you maybe it is time you think about upcycling an old flannel shirt into something new. Here are some great DIYs that you can do with an old flannel shirt.


For the first project, you don’t need to be a crafting wiz to recreate this look. To create this look all you need is a flannel shirt, a bucket, bleach and gloves. In the bucket create a solution of two parts water to one part bleach. Keep in mind when dipping the shirt that the bleach can creep up while it is soaking, this gives you that soft, ombre look but can end up bleaching more than you want, so take that into consideration when dipping the shirt. It can take up to thirty minutes to get the amount of bleaching you want, so find a way to secure the shirt in the bucket so that you aren’t stuck holding it the whole time. If you want bleached pockets you will have to do some sewing, but basically all you would have to do is remove the pocket with a seam ripper and then bleach it and sew it back into place. If you want to take the easy way out you can find shirts similar to this one in the Glorious Morn Etsy shop.


Here come the project that will involve some sewing. This vest DIY is great because it’s different from a lot of the other projects that I came across. There are some details though, and techniques in this project that are a little more advanced and will require a sewing machine. However, if you have a couple of shirts to practice with and are in the mood to learn a new technique then this is a great project for you. For the detailed instructions check out the full post on the blog CraftStylish.

aaInfinity Scarf Tutorial scarf3

Here are two different infinity scarves made from flannel. The first is from Décor and the Dog and is a little more involved with the sewing, however because these are scarves all of the sewing and cutting is straight lines so it is a great project for beginner sewers. The second is a better project for someone who doesn’t have much experience sewing and wants to sew hems. That being said, both are relatively easy and would create a super cute fall accessory. If I was going to do this I would use the second technique and find two complimentary flannel shirts and make a color blocked scarf.


I’ve always wanted to make a skirt, but have been afraid they would be too difficult. This flannel skirt is super easy to make and is super cute. The only difficult part of the sewing is that it is a pleated skirt, but they aren’t very dramatic pleats so it isn’t that hard. Check out the full instruction on She’s Crafty if you think this is a project you want to do. Have fun with flannel this fall, and make something that is totally you.

Written By: Courtney White

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