SJP Shoe Collection Vol. 2

When the first shoe collection by Sarah Jessica Parker came out last February, the public instantly split in two groups: Those who couldn’t wait to get a piece of the Carrie-Bradshaw-inspired wardrobe they’ve always dreamed of, and those who criticized Parker’s move as predictable and greedy. Luckily for her (and for us), the collection was a huge success, and it evolved into the creation of a SJP shop within Nordstrom, her partner in this adventure.  Easily distinguished by the signature grosgrain ribbon on the back of the shoes, the line attracted a large number of people, and it included a variety of shapes and styles that could satisfy any taste.


Now that September is about to begin, Parker has decided to launch a second line which includes both footwear and bags more apt to fall.

While the first collection was supposed to “treat colors as neutrals,” the upcoming one presents gloomier hues that are typical of autumn and winter. Soft suede boots alternate delicate pumps in true Parker style, while classic and vintage inspired shapes are juxtaposed to more modern and urban ones like the aggressive Gina sandal.  Parker named the shoes after women who have inspired her or that she admires, such as actress Blythe Danner, costume designer Patricia Field and her own sister Rachel. One of the boots is even named Lee, after the enfant terrible of fashion Alexander McQueen.


SJP’s Nordstrom shop

“I love wearing what I like, rather than what I feel is expected of me, so I wanted to create a line of shoes that spoke to those ideas,” Parker said in an interview. “That‘s what I loved of Carrie: Rules didn‘t really seem to apply to her.”

Indeed, the collection feels once again very familiar and personal, as if it spoke directly to us from our own memories. These are shoes made for an ordinary life spent in a myriad of extraordinary moments: Whether you’re taking a stroll or running out to catch a bus, they were created to make you feel comfortable and at ease in your everyday life. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of thinking this is a boring line made of insipid basics. If you are heading down to the pub with your girlfriends, you can still throw on a pair of Lee boots or the gorgeous Lady pumps and be sure they’ll make an impression.


The Gina Boot in black


The Diana Pump in patent grey


The Lady Pump in Geranium Red


The Carrie Pump in Nude

And if you are one who usually loves to nitpick, you are going to be surprised by the bags included in the collection. They fit right in with the style of the average working woman. Moreover, the line itself seems to cater to a bigger public than one would expect: Young girls won‘t feel left out when they discover fun clutches and cross-body purses that can carry just the right amount of stuff for a long night out. In particular, the Crosstown and the Florence have that young urban feeling that keeps the whole collection fresh and utterly irresistible.


The Florence in blue


The Crosstown in beige

Written by: Alice Demurtas

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