Designer Spotlight: Amanda Henderson

Unless you live in a place where it’s unusually warm, this is the right time to take all the blazers, parkas and winter boots out of the wardrobe and line them up behind your door. Throwing on a sweater before going out in the morning has become a necessity, or perhaps a beanie if it’s raining.
September is here, and while the wind blows gold and crispy leaves in the streets and backyards, we prepare ourselves for work or an intense semester of study. If you are not keen on autumn and already miss the tempting mystique of summer do think again, because this is the time to get cozy and cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. And on those rainy evenings what better companion could we look for than a thick, warm knitted sweater?
Knits have a magical power: To remind you of the good old days, to make you think of family and to make you feel protected, looked after, pampered. It’s the case of the precious knitwear created by Amanda Henderson, independent designer with an intricate mind and admirable skillful hands.


The Lori Sweater

Henderson’s work is based on experimentation, both in creating the fabric itself and in designing the final shapes. Her products are never the same from the beginning to the end of the creative process, but they change based on her emotions and inspiration. Sometimes the inspiration itself comes from possibilities – seeing what things are and how they could be. Sometimes it comes directly from the nature that surrounds her. During those long trips to Upstate New York she lingers among the trees, in the grass, picking up clues and details that can help her create something new. And when she is back to work, she tries to find a way to celebrate nature – that stunning phenomenon she just witnessed.


The Andy Sweater


The Douglas Sweater


The Mary Sweater

Henderson studied at the celebrated Fashion Institute of Technology before she interned for respected designers such as Zac Posen and Phillip Lim. In 2013 she showcased her first full collection at New York Fashion Week. While now she uses wools researched in the state of New York, her goal is to follow the entire chain of production of her collections from animal through spindle to mannequin. Her collection is pure poetry: Constructed by original pieces in earthy tones and unusual silhouettes, it has something primordial about it that you can’t quite point at. Interesting details incorporated in the fabrics give the pieces a great balance, offsetting the results of traditional knitting techniques and the idea that when it comes to knitwear and sweaters we have already seen it all.


The Morgan Sweater


The Nessa Sweater


The Chelsea Sweater


In a collaboration with brand Á moi

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Written by: Alice Demurtas

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