DIY Series: T-shirt Scarves

Can you believe how quickly this fall took a turn for the cold? I’ve already seen people out in their parkas and puffy winter coats! And while I desperately cling to the last warm rays of summer, I also know it is time to suit up against the cold and get my fall essentials ready. That’s why this week we are going to look at some scarves that you can make by upcycling old t-shirts. These projects are pretty straight forward, and can help you get rid of some of the clutter in your drawers!


This infinity scarf tutorial comes from the blog Art For All and is a great starting point for our beginning sewers. In the pictures above you can see that an old band tee is being used as the material, but you can use any kind of t-shirt you want. Of course, not every tee is made the same so know that some t-shirt material might be more difficult to work with. To make this scarf yourself, you need to cut two equal sections out of your shirt and then cut them so that they create two long stripes. Then all you need to do is sew the two ends together and you have an infinity scarf to style however you want. Also, because the sewing on this is so simple you can do it by hand, which is perfect for people without sewing machines.


Here is a no sew project for those of you who either can’t sew or want something really quick to make. Probably the hardest thing you have to do for this project is choose the shirt. As you can see in the second picture, all you do is cut the boxy part of the shirt off, and then cut one inch stripes across the material. Make sure not to cut all the way to the other edge because you need that seam to keep the whole scarf together. Once you have made your cuts you can bunch together the strands and pull from the two ends. Stretching out the pieces will make them curl and complete the look. Add a bow or fake flower to spruce it up if you want.


Alright, so everyone does the basic t-shirt infinity scarf, but let’s say you want something a little edgier. Take any of the basic infinity scarf DIYs and make them even better by adding studs or spikes to them. Little gold studs like you see in the picture, or the classic silver square ones can be found at any craft store. Studs are a very easy way to take something basic and give it extra pizzazz.


This scarf is perfect for the sports fans among us. Actually, it’s even more perfect for someone who is currently or recently in college because chances are you have a plethora of t-shirts that you got for free while in school. This is a great way to show off school spirit or just show your love for your favorite teams. This is a project for someone who is comfortable behind a sewing machine because as you can see in the picture this project involves sewing a lot of rectangles of material together. If you are up to the challenge check out the full tutorial on Sometimes Homemade. If you liked any of these projects let us know or tell us about a DIY you’ve done with an old tee.

Written By: Courtney White

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