Inspired By…Marina and the Diamonds

Marina Diamandis, better known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds, definitely knows how to be a heartbreaker.


The 29-year-old Welsh singer rose to fame in 2009, when she ranked in second place on the Sound of 2010 poll by the BBC. Her debut album, The Family Jewels, came out in 2010 and incorporated indie pop and new wave musical styles. In 2012, her second album Electra Heart was released, and helped her gain a new audience in America. Marina’s music tends to focus on human behavior and the effects of this on others. Her musical style, which she self describes as “indie with pop goals,” has been praised by both the media and fans. Up next for the singer is a new album, Froot, expected to be released in 2015.

While Marina is praised for her interesting take on the pop genre, she’s also notable for her fun and experimental style. She describes her personal style as “vintage, cheerleader, and cartoon,” and looks up to both Sophia Loren and Gwen Stefani for style inspiration. When looking towards Marina for style inspiration, you should remember both to look for 1950s inspired clothes and towards vampy darker clothes. Think pastel tea dresses, black crop tops, and colorful shoes when drawing inspiration from Marina and the Diamonds.

In this first look, Marina is at the 2011 London Fashion Week. For a 50s inspired casual outfit, select a white cami, pink midi skirt, pastel pink cardigan, tan low heels or oxfords, and accessorize with a white heart themed clutch or bag.

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This second look features Marina in promotional images from 2012. Look to this cute and simple outfit for a dinner look. Go with a patterned skater dress with a sweetheart neckline, a powder blue bolero, and peep toe heels in a color featured in the pattern on your dress.

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In this final look, Marina is performing on the X-Factor Denmark in March 2013. Her on stage style is perfect for a night on the town, as it features darker colors and a more vampy style. Choose a black crop top, black faux leather pleated skirt, and black platform peep ankle booties.

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Marina’s style is definitely a fun one, and its understandable why so many in the fashion world are looking towards her for inspiration. Just remember, there’s two essential styles when it comes to Marina’s look: the 1950s inspired one and her vampy Wednesday Addams-esque all black attire. Marina’s style is perfect for those who want to embody both a fun girly-girl, but also feature darker elements as well.

Written By: Joanelle Navarro

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