Inspired By…Sex and the City

Fashion from Sex and the City is just as iconic as the show itself.


The show premiered on June 6, 1998 and instantly started a revolution amongst women. Soon, it seemed, talking about sex just as casually as men did was okay, and sex was no longer a “taboo” topic amongst women. But aside from this, Sex and the City brought to viewers attention 4 stylish and fun women: Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York (played by Kristen Davis), Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall), and Miranda Hobbes (played by Cynthia Nixon). Every person who’s ever watched the show has tried to figure out which character they are (I personally think I’m a Miranda). Even 10 years after the final episode premiered on February 22, 2004, everyone’s still talking about this show.

As mentioned previously, each of the main 4 women are very stylish. Aside from creating a sex revolution, the show has also inspired many women to pay attention more to how they dress. Each of the characters had their own personal style, that hardly saw overlap. Carrie was always the more fashionable one, Charlotte was about being modest, Samantha was the complete opposite and loved to show off her body, while Miranda was generally more professional looking. In this week’s edition of Inspired By…, we’ll look to the styles of each Sex and the City character for inspiration.

Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion icon all on her own. She’s known for her wild and haute couture style, as the writer is often seen sporting the latest trends off the runway. Shoes are most important to Carrie, so when trying to dress like Carrie, make sure to incorporate stylish shoes.

This outfit, inspired by Carrie in Sex and the City 2, is perfect for a nice dinner. To copy this fashionable outfit, select an off-white jersey long sleeve dress, gold glittered pumps, and a fun statement necklace.

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Charlotte York’s style was notable for being modest, but still sexy. She embodied the idea of classic, feminine, and age-appropriate, and hardly strayed from her love for A-line skirts, vintage style dresses, and classy coats.

This outfit, inspired by Charlotte in Sex and the City 2, is great for a classier casual outfit. For this look, go with a pink sweetheart neckline dress, black gladiator sandals, and a white bucket bag.

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Samantha Jones’ style was all about being comfortable with her sexuality. She often wore form-fitting dresses and loved showing off her legs. Even when she was working, Samantha wasn’t afraid of bright colors and short skirts.

This outfit, inspired by Samantha in the first Sex and the City movie, is fitting for the workplace. For a stylish workplace outfit, choose a mustard colored blazer, a white frilled silk blouse, black pencil skirt, gray court heels, and accessorize with a yellow waist belt.

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Miranda Hobbes’ style was professional at its finest. She was always sporting great dresses and fun blazers, and sometimes even rocked a great colorful pantsuit. Miranda easily had the most professional style of the all the girls, and aside from Charlotte, was probably the most common style seen amongst actual New York women.

This outfit, inspired by Miranda in the Sex and the City movie, is great for a night on the town. For a professional looking night look, wear an orange bodycon dress with belt, nude heels, and accessorize with a nude envelope clutch.

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The women of Sex and the City were very stylish and definitely looked up to by women for fashion tips. Carrie represented high fashion, Charlotte was all about modesty, Samantha loved showing off her body, and Miranda always had glamorous professional looks.

Written By: Joanelle Navarro

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