The Child Within: Fashion Tips from Kids

DP_CHLOE_FW14-dragged-2-e1400168017503Fashion experts often offer excellent advice for what their clients should and shouldn’t wear, and why wouldn’t they after devoting devoted years to the study of this important art form. On the other hand, you have friends and family members whose suggestions are appreciated as well because they can know us better than we know ourselves.

As such, children and fashion tips often seems like a ridiculous collaboration. However, in reality the two might just work; a child has a freedom of mind, an innocent ideal, and endearing qualities that maybe we can learn from when it comes to clothes.
  • Bright colors are okay.  While most adult clothing is complimented and bland, children go for the unusually bright and often times contrasting colors. They simply pick up pieces that grab the spotlight and out them on. While we might shy away from colors, children embrace them!
  • They think their outfits look as beautiful as they do. Children exude self confidence since they haven’t yet purchased magazines showcasing the ideal of beauty and body, and thus can wear their outfits and hold their heads high. We adults, on the other hand, shy away from ourselves and the clothes we purchase, for despite the pride we feel when finding a good piece in the store, we end up having hesitations once we’re looking at it in the mirror. Be proud of yourself, and that will start rubbing off on all choices in life.
  • They tell the truth. Older family members and friends might hesitate to tell the truth, but a kid won’t think twice. He or she will let you know if that dress is unflattering or a size too small. What better way to keep in mind your own preferences and the perception of the world?
  • They don’t think about money issues. Cheap or expensive, bought at a high-end boutique or at the thrift store, if it’s a item they like, kids will want to wear it. Their goal isn’t to impress people or follow whatever trend magazines are dictating; they’re simply wearing what pleases them. And while this could be either positive or negative in terms of costs, it was never about money in the first place!
  • It’s not about pleasing people. It’s about making a statement that just might be out of this world. Who cares if pink tutus aren’t generally accepted? Who cares if they only belong in ballet recitals? Little kids certainly don’t. They dream and wish for the impossible, and therefore, they dress the impossible!
Realistically, maybe not all the principles listed here can be applied all at once. However, it’s nice to remember them concerning the fashion statements we make. To what extent we use them is left entirely up to us.

Written by:
Sara Khan
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