3D Printed Kinematic Dresses


Nervous System design studio has created an astounding but intricate process that produces 3-D printed dresses that look and sway like actual fabric. This is done using a software called Kinematics, described by Nervous System as the “geometry of motion”. The process begins with a 3-D model in a CAD program that allows for adjustment of size, structure, and other elements of design. When the dress is altered to the designers liking, algorithms are used to fasten hinges on the triangular modules, connecting the garment as a whole.

The entire printing process takes two days, resulting in a large chunk of plastic from the industrial sized 3-D printer. Amazingly enough, the garment is buried within this mound of plastic, and technicians are used to remove the excess material surrounding the dress. Finally, the plastic dress is cleaned and dyed, resulting in a plastic interwoven small black or white dress. Incredible, right? Take a look at the diagram below that track the process of production.


Written by: Nyla Ibrahim

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