Bring Back the Sea

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While the winters are cool and a trip to the beach is probably not on anyone’s mind, fashion sisters may take some pointers. Colors that surround a pretty sea landscape can be incorporated into winter fashions and, ironically, blend well with the snow and rain.

Think about it! Blues of all hues are a prominent color choice. So too are pale greens and pastel purples. The neutral color white is often a good choice for dress backgrounds and the primary color for fabric. All of these are also winter colors. The colors are soft and welcoming, perfect for home gatherings and even formal events. Add a bit of shimmer to the outfit and these colors. Pearls in light blue decorating a white dress with pastel green designs. Why not? For the very creative, consider adding rocks and pebbles in these pastel colors. Look at the elaborate back on the last picture. The colors make excellent color choices for sweaters and shirts. Pair white pants or jeans with a white shirt. Follow this with a baby blue or green top, glittering with tiny little pearls of the same and or different color.

For the daring, these color choices can be taken to the gala in sparkly and spectacular mermaid dresses.  The dramatic fashion sisters may enjoy the glamour associated with them. However, the color choices are so soft to the eyes that the dramatic and tight layout of the dress does not matter. Even all of the shiny fabric is not too bold because the colors themselves are very pleasant to view.

Fashion inspirations can be found anywhere, even in a landscape so often forgotten in the winter times. Take yourself to the ocean side while going to work, staying at home or going out with family and friends for the rest of this winter season.

Written by:

Sara Khan

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