Styled by Songs: ‘I Think I’m In Love’ by Kat Dahlia


Love is in the air, so let’s keep the romantic vibes going with this bubbly song by Kat Dahlia. From an artist whose music has never even seem to broach the subject of love, this song is unexpected but definitely welcome, with her beautiful voice and fun lyrics.

We just rolling with the punches

I make fun of your belly

And tell you to do some crunches

And you say well yea your ass jiggles

Go do some lunges

I say fuck you

While I’m thinking of you as my husband

I think I’m in love

I think I’m in love again

In my head yea you’re in my head

Baby I think I’m in love again


One of the best things about this artist is how true her music is. Every song seems real, gritty, and something one can relate to.


So for those excited for Valentine’s Day, nervous about the expectations, or just simply dreading it, here’s a song that will make you smile no matter if you’re dating or single. Therefore, let’s get inspired by the strength of Kat’s voice, the honesty of her words, and the fierceness of her style; love is all around, people, and these outfits will get you ready for it!




Written by: Jasmine Allen

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